Next Show- Friday Dec 7th at the B Ex

We are getting excited about performing Friday at the British Ex-Servicemen's Association. Joining us on the bill will be our friends The Population Drops and opening the night is none other than The Rain and the Sidewalk.

We've been working on the set, making a few changes, adding songs, cutting a couple, and most importantly we've been rehearsing with Juice (former drummer of The Yoke Casionos - currently performing with Fine Times).  In case you've not had the pleasure of witnessing Juice yet, you've got to come to our show next Friday.  Not only is he one of the best drummers in the country, but he's a consumate showman and professional (and drumming is only one of him many musical skills).  Things are sounding fantastic! To make the event even more special we've located an electronic drumkit for Juice to apply his genius (thanks Pat and Helen).  Some very astounding sounds have been emerging from that kit this past week, and I'm confident it will be even more glorious on Friday night.  There are a few other secret guests lined up too, so it's going to be a very full evening of music.

We're also bringing in some extra production for the evening - no offense to the B-Ex but their system is a little lacking!  And I'd personally like to put a call out for those of you who are coming to bring a camera and shoot some video of the show.  We want to cut together a live show for youtube so we can successfully apply to the many music festivals going on next year!

Thank you once again to Robert Edmonds for his excellent poster of the show.  He never disappoints and regularly delights!

"Come Dancing"

Friday December 7th
British Ex-Servicemen's Association
1173 Kingsway, Vancouver

Doors at 8
9 pm - The Rain and the Sidewalk
10pm - The Population Drops
11pm - Combine the Victorious

Tickets $5 at the door.

Oh!  and we shall be appearing for an interview on CiTR this tuesday at 11:30 AM.


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