We just got back, but we're still buzzing from being in London.  Our show with the Club Fandango guys was brilliant.  The whole evening was entertaining, every band on the bill was great.  Big thanks to everyone involved and the fantastic audience on the evening.

Buffalo Bar couldn't have been more convenient for us.  We were staying with our friends, the incomparable Baz and Ings, who lived a mere ten minute walk from the club.   Even though I was nursing a severe hangover on the day, the excitement of performing in London soon wore that off.

Our set for the show contained every song from the new Crumbling Hearts ep as well as a new cover of the Donna Summer's classic "Hot Stuff."  This was the very first 45 that Isabelle ever bought, so it's a bit of a rite of passage for us to be playing it now.  We have to give thanks to our friend Kym Brown who so kindly videoed the show on our tiny camera.  The following video clip is that night's performance.

We both felt very honoured by the overwhelming reception from the audience and the other bands.  It was a fantastic night, we stayed right to the end as all the other bands were so good!  Big thanks to everybody in Bat and Ball, Sister Gracie, Animal Noise, the staff of Buffalo Bar, and the folks of Club Fandango.  Couldn't have had a better introduction to London!  Cheers!!


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